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About Grenada Real Estate

Grenada’s natural landscape is treasured by investors for its unspoilt beauty. Potential property owners have a wide range of properties to peruse, from million-dollar listings with panoramic views to unique cottages with curb appeal. A typical two-bedroom residence (average floor area between 1,200 and 2,000 sq. ft.) will set you …

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Exploring Grenada

Grenadians are known for their warmth and hospitality, so we guarantee that you’ll find your way around the island with minimal hassle. Walking around is a great way to see the island, but if you opt for guided tours, there are a number of tour operators at your disposal, as …

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Facts at a Glance

Get to know Grenada! Other Interesting Facts! Location: 12ᵒ North 6ᵒ West of the Equator Size: 133 sq. miles Capital city: St. George Population: 110, 000 Language: English Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) Climate: Tropical, with the dry season running from January-May, and the rainy season running from June-December. Average …

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